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Addon Vs Parked Domains

What is the difference between an Addon and a Parked Domain?

Let's say you have two domain names, mycompany.com and my-other-company.com. Now, we'll say that you've setup a web hosting account with CoreComm for mycompany.com.

Parked Domain - Adding my-other-company.com as a Parked Domain will redirect all traffic sent there to mycompany.com and display the same content. In other words, whenever someone types www.my-other-company.com into a web browser, www.mycompany.com will load.

Addon Domain - Adding my-other-company.com as an Addon Domain will point all traffic sent there to a subdirectory of your mycompany.com hosting account and show different content. This means you can put up seperate content for the Addon Domain, and in effect, have two separate websites under one account. When someone types www.my-other-company.com into a web browser, the webpages in the subdirectory will load under the URL of www.my-other-company.com.

NOTE: Both domains require your name servers to be pointing to us. They should be:


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