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3 Strike Policy

CoreComm Hosting Anti-Spam Policy

(AKA: Three Strike Rule)


Strike 1

Action: You will be called (in severe cases suspended) and informed that you have been flagged by other companies as being a source of spam. If you are not intentionally sending spam it is possible a computer used to check email may be spamming, someone is using your credentials to send out spam, or there is a malicious script on your webpage sending spam. At this point, we would also explain this policy to you to make sure that you are aware of what has happened, and what will happen if the problem persists.


We advise changing the password but do not check email with the new password until you scan that computer to prevent any program on the computer from taking the password again. Check other devices for visouses ad malware. If you do not have any anti-virus or anti-mailware software you can use:

- AVG - http://free.avg.com/

- Malwarebytes - http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free/

Note: There are paid and free versions of these programs and you will likely only need the free version so do not to pay for anything unless you feel you the need to.

Note: These security programs (or an equivalent) should be run on all computers and devices that the customer used to check their email.

Note: Please remember that we do not support or troubleshoot any issues with third party software.


After downloading, updating, and running the above programs you will also need to check over your site for malicious scripts. If you are not sure how to do this it is recommended to take website information to a web developer to look over the site in detail for malicious scripts.


Strike 2

Action: You will be informed that you have been flagged for spamming once again. This time the your services will be suspended to provoke a call in. We will reiterate that you will likely need to take the computer to a professional that can resolve the issues you are experiencing. Also the urgency of the problem will be explained, and you will be informed that we (CoreComm Hosting) will be unable to service you in the future if this continues to be a problem.


Strike 3

Action: Permanent lock. You will be canceled for violation of our terms of service and your DNS zone removed. In order to transfer the domain away from us we require you pay all remaining balances on the account. We will not hold your zone or space, and you will be permanently banned as a customer. The billing department will process the cancel and render an amount or refund due at that time.


Strike Anniversary date:

A strike is dropped when a full calendar month passes.

Example: If you received a strike warning on October 14th, the strike will drop on November 13th.


Simultaneous Strikes:

If spam is reported over the next several days, the spam incident MUST have taken place after the strike warning was issued. You will have 24 hours of grace from the incident in our database to the next countable incident. If you have difficulties determining this information, please contact us at the number below for assistance.


Note: All actions regarding spam will be noted accurately, timely, and completely to insure that you are informed of past actions, and keep our systems, customers, and IP addresses free of spam or abuse.


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