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FTP From FileZilla

You can follow the steps below to setup FTP on FileZilla:

- Start FileZilla
- Click on 'File' then select 'Site Manager'
- Click on 'New Site' towards the bottom left.
- Change the values to match your account:

(a) Host: enter your full domain name
(b) Port: 21
(c) Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
(d) Encryption: Use plain FTP
(e) Logon type: Normal
(f) User: Enter your FTP username
(g) Password: Enter your FTP password

- Review the above information to ensure they are entered correctly
- Click 'Connect' at the bottom to connect to the server
- Add files to the public_html directory.

If you experience problems connecting, try switching between Active or Passive Mode:
- Back inside the File Manager (File > Site Manager), make sure you have the account selected on the left.
- Click on the 'Transfer Settings' tab at the top.
- Select 'Active'
- Click 'Connect' at the bottom.
- If it connects, you're all set. If it does not, try going back to 'Transfer Settings' and choose Passive.
- Click 'Connect' at the bottom.

Please note we do not provide technical support for third-party software or applications. For further troubleshooting suggest customer search the manufactures website or try a google.com or yahoo.com search for more information.

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