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FTP From Kompozer

FTP From Kompozer

You can follow the steps below to setup FTP on Kompozer:
- Start Kompozer and click 'Edit' and 'Publish Site Settings'
- The Publish Settings dialog box opens. Select the 'Settings' tab
- Enter a website name into the 'Site Name' text field, such as 'My Website'
- Type your web address under 'Web Site Information,' such as http://mywebsite.com'
- Type the FTP address under 'Publishing Server,' such as 'ftp://ftp.mywebsite.com/public_html'
- Enter your username into the 'User name' text field and your password into the 'Password' field
- Check 'Save Password'
- Click the 'Publish' tab
- Go to the 'Page Title' text field and type the title of the page you want to publish
- Go to the 'Filename' text field and type the name of the page you want to publish, such as 'index.html'
- To include images and other files when the file is published, check 'Include images and other files'
- Click the 'Publish' button

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